Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cockroach would be a good antibiotic

Creator is great, whatever he creates in this world is not a waste, not even a single insect.
I don’t think anyone would love to keep cockroaches in the house, they rule the house especially the kitchen,they are available in every corner of the house. we cannot actually kill them all, we used different pest controls, spray, natural methods to kill them but one or the other could be seen in the next few days again. And this is why we hate cockroaches.

But now, the insect which we hate could be useful to humans.Scientists from the University of Nottingham reported that cockroaches can be a good antibiotic for human.
Experts have discovered a very powerful antibiotic chemical in the brain of cockroaches that could lead to novel treatments for multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. They have found that the tissues of the brain and nervous system were able to kill more than 85% of MRSA and pathogenic E. coli without effecting human cells.
Between 6th  to 9th  September, 2010 Researcher has identified upto nine different molecules in the tissues which were toxic to bacteria. Scientists are now working to figure out which chemical fight infection…
Sooner or later there might be a day we ask in the medical shop for this insect's brain. But still, cockroaches are  nasty and naughty insects  always as it is an enemy of every housewife.


  1. chukchu hi khovel ah ka ning ber dottu!!!! thi vek roh seeeeeeee

  2. Interesting .. but most facts arent true lady !!